How to Use

Every day you will be able to read the "Daily Torah Portion". This calendar lines up with the daily readings done by Jews and Christians all over the world. It is an annual cycle and repeats itself every year. I recommend you take it seriously (reading Torah every day). My comments are just there to help you process it and do some thinking. 

If you miss a day, be sure to come back to it. You don't want to miss out on what Hashem has for you!

Start with reading the portion of Scripture, then go back and read "My Thoughts" and try to take part in the daily "Challenge".  

This devotional is created to simply draw you closer to Hashem and to make our world a better place! It will help you become a "light" to those around you and it will hopefully and prayerfully draw you closer to Hashem. 

Remember that the Torah is eternal and in it is eternal life.

I encourage you to do the ENTIRE YEAR. Leave comments for me as you go through it so that we can journey together.

Hashem bless you and keep you!