Sunday, July 2, 2023

Pinchas - Reading #1

Pinchas פִּינְחָס - Phinehas

Numbers 25:10-30:1

Reading #1 -  Numbers 25:10–26:4

My Thoughts:

In verse 11 we read, “He was jealous with My jealousy”. Can you imagine that you would have the same passion and jealousy that Hashem has for certain issues in life? Maybe that is something we should pray for. That our passions for righteousness would be the same as Hashem’s. We would become world changers if this were true. Maybe take a minute to think about some injustice that comes to your attention. Now pray and ask Hashem how you can change and correct it. Then do it. Hashem will give you the direction and strength. And the world will be a better place because of it.


In verse 12 Hashem says to Moses that He is giving Phinehas “My covenant of peace...the covenant of an everlasting priesthood…”. A covenant of peace. Doesn’t that sound so wonderful. To me it says that Hashem is going to be at peace with Phinehas all the days of his life. And that He will bring peace into his life. Isn’t peace what we strive for everyday? When we are discontent or sad, we search for peace. We pray for peace. My challenge to you today is to seek Hashem and ask Him if He would be willing to give you a covenant of peace. Or ask Him what you would have to do to be given this covenant. What injustice would you need to fight for? It’s interesting that Hashem is so interested in securing righteousness in our world that He would reward us with peace. It is a natural reward, don’t you think?

Reading #1 -  Numbers 25:10–26:4

2510 Hashem spoke to Moses, saying, 11 “Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, has turned My wrath away from the children of Israel, in that he was jealous with My jealousy among them, so that I didn’t consume the children of Israel in My jealousy. 12 Therefore say, ‘Behold, I give to him my covenant of peace. 13 It shall be to him, and to his offspring after him, the covenant of an everlasting priesthood, because he was jealous for his Elohim, and made atonement for the children of Israel.’”

14 Now the name of the man of Israel that was slain, who was slain with the Midianite woman, was Zimri, the son of Salu, a prince of a fathers’ house among the Simeonites. 15 The name of the Midianite woman who was slain was Cozbi, the daughter of Zur. He was head of the people of a fathers’ house in Midian.

16 Hashem spoke to Moses, saying, 17 “Harass the Midianites, and strike them; 18 for they harassed you with their wiles, wherein they have deceived you in the matter of Peor, and in the incident regarding Cozbi, the daughter of the prince of Midian, their sister, who was slain on the day of the plague in the matter of Peor.”

26 After the plague, Hashem spoke to Moses and to Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest, saying, 2 “Take a census of all the congregation of the children of Israel, from twenty years old and upward, by their fathers’ houses, all who are able to go out to war in Israel.” 3 Moses and Eleazar the priest spoke with them in the plains of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho, saying, 4 “Take a census, from twenty years old and upward, as Hashem commanded Moses and the children of Israel.”

These are those who came out of the land of Egypt.